Passion Flower

 Nautral Valium ?


I have read from several different sources that it compared quite successfully to prescription benzodiazepine (anti-anxiety drug closely related to Valium/diazepam) medication known as oxazepam (serax). The study was done on it’s comparison to oxazepam in relieving anxiety and panic in individuals with mental health issues Oxazepam  is a commonly prescribed mediation for anxiety relief and withdrawal relief form alcohol abuse.


Over the past week or so I have decided to try passion flower for stress and anxiety management. It is cheap and widely available either as an extract in pill/liquid form or crushed loose leaves.  Like many other loose leave herbs I sometimes grind them into  a fine powder for simple toss and wash intake. Other times however, I simply steep them lie regular tea leaves.


So far I have done both with this herb in my early trails with it and have noticed both provide a noticeable relief in restlessness, and anxiety. It is still too early in my experimentation to determine it efficiency for me, but so far things look promising.


I have yet to fully discover possible potential of a few others like Lemon Balm, Lavendar, Valerian, and phenibu.

I do not recommend ingesting any herbal treatment without the advice of an appropriate health care professional.